Automotive Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than a mechanical failure. Sorensen’s Automotive has been repairing cars and trucks for over 50 years. If you have a failure on the road we offer 24 hour emergency towing and can get your car back on the road. When you bring your vehicle to us you can be assured that we will do our best to diagnose the issue given our years of experience and with the aid of computerized engine diagnostics. We will provide you a complete estimate. At Sorensen's, we provide a comprehensive list of auto repairs; including, engine repair, transmission repair, exhaust systems repair, front-end and suspension repair.

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Automotive Service

Keeping your car maintained can add years of life to your vehicle. We offer all types of automotive maintenance; including, oil changes, vehicle tune-ups, brake service, cooling system service, transmission service, and alignments.

Prevent Costly Repairs!

It’s important to look at the manufacture’s schedule of service that usually happens at your 10,000 mile markers.  You can’t afford to overlook these important services if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle. With your routine 3,000

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Choose Quality Over Cost

“But it’s cheap.” That’s the excuse many people use for heading to an auto repair center with substandard workmanship. While you may save a few dollars initially; cheap is actually expensive.

Sorensen's SPECIALS

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